- Annual budget increases are NOT sustainable.

- Highland never seems to cut anything out of their budgets when the schools around us do. The % for budget are higher here than most in the area.

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- I would like to see our school board adopt a set of guiding principles that help them in making their decisions on future budgets.

- Stay within the limit as other district.

- Study what the other local district have done to come in under the tax cap & maintain services.

- There needs to be more discussion between the school board and the community on how to improve Highland Education, but contain costs or improve revenues.

- The board has to work harder to help the taxpayer

- The tax system needs change and the school board needs to communicate more with the planning board. Growth can affect the district along with negative growth. We need to work together to be sure we can accommodate all students.

- Board members should not be on the board if their spouses are working in the districtCONFLICT of interest and this is the only place it is allowed.ridiculous!!!!!!!! I cannot vote or have a say on my husbands salary why should you!

- The board needs to listen and do their job. It is a slap in the face to find that Highland and New

Paltz we're among the very few districts to have the gallto put in a budget over 2.5 x the "state cap".

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