Social Media for Car Dealerships

I'm part of several networking groups here in Denver. In one of my networking groups, I met (or re-met) Craig. Craig works for H.M. Brown & Associates, a group of auto brokers that can get you any car you need and advise on price and availability. Turns out Craig and I used to work for Enterprise Car Sales many moons ago.

I gave him a couple of tips to increase his audience on Facebook and to get his extremely loyal customers to share his business with friends. Here, I share these and more tips for your car dealership or car sales business.

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1. Be personable

Car salesmen have a bad rap. Everyone thinks they are slimy and sneaky (I can say these things because I used to sell cars.) Want to earn trust before customers even walk into your showroom? Treat them as friends. Going out as a team to volunteer? Post about it. Do you have a Bring Your Kid to Work Day? Post pictures of families. Anything that can build character and trust in the community is something worth sharing. Make your company personable and approachable.

2. Share your 'behind the scenes'

One of the things I advised my friend Craig is to do short video clips showing customers 'behind the scenes'. So next time he goes to a car auction, he can show the top 5 things he looks for in car. For example, you want to look on the window edges and car door edges for any proof of body work. If the car has been painted, you can often see signs of the previous color on the edges. You also want to look for an 'orange peel' sort of texture, which tells you it wasn't a quality paint job. Here's a great example of an informational blog post on this

3. Showcase your staff

A somewhat similar concept to being personable, but instead of just showing community service, feature a staff member every week. Have a small staff? Celebrate one person each week. Maybe they went above and beyond to get a specific car for a person. Maybe they just had a baby. When people know who they will dealing with for this very major purchase, it will put them at ease.

4. Share the process

Many dealerships take about 6 hours in order to sell a car. Does your dealership have a different process? Do you skip the haggling and going back and forth to your 'manager' to get a lower price? Show it to your customer. Make a short video or a blog post about what your customer can expect when they walk into the showroom. Show them who they will be dealing with (the finance manager, the general manager, etc.) Again, showing you have nothing to hide will earn trust.

5. Celebrate your customers

If you're not doing this already, you are missing out on likely the most viral post your dealership can create. Take a picture of your customer with their new car and tell them to share it from your Facebook page. So many of my friends take pictures of their new cars with their smartphones but they're not in it. Get the whole family in front of the car and snap the picture. Upload it quickly and get them to share. This will not only increase visibility for your dealership but if they're happy customers, you can bet they will share that with friends.

Social media doesn't have to be brain science. However, remember that 81% of clients will make a buying decision before they even set foot in your business. Over half will visit your social pages first. What will they see? That you only post once a month and only care about posting your sales? Or maybe you don't have a presence? With a competitive business like car sales, being personable, approachable and transparent will put you light years ahead of your competition. And isn't it worth to spend a few minutes on social each day to increase your sales?

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