Bridal Makeup Tips for Flawless Wedding Makeup

To avoid ruining your makeup and to make sure it's application lasts you need to CHOOSE THE RIGHT PRODUCTS and KNOW HOW TO USE THEM CORRECTLY.


Every bride should use foundation to some degree. Foundation and concealer are the most important aspect to looking good in photographs. Even the tiniest blemishes can show up in your photographs. If you never wear makeup at least consider using a little foundation-it really helps even out your skin tone. Using a stick or cake foundation is a good choice. There are also many great light liquid formulas out on the market today. Applied with a sponge, coverage can be as heavy or light as you wish. Better yet, choose a mineral foundation for optimal results.

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Before application, make sure you moisturize with an oil-free moisturizerbefore applying foundation, especially for those with oily skin.Be sure toallow your skin to absorb the moisturizer first, then continue with makeupapplication. Another option is to use a shimmering face creme before you apply your foundation. This gives your skin a very subtle glow.

On the down side of things-no matter which foundation you use, a hot climatealmost ensures that your face will begin to shine to some degree. How do you combat the shine? FACE POWDER. Always keep your powder nearby. Use over entire face, around eyes (better to apply with a powder puff or triangular makeup sponge) and EVEN YOUR NECK. Why? The flash of the camera will reflect off your face but not your neck. Theresult-your face will look lighter than your neck, even if you used the right shade of foundation. Apply with a large powder makeup brush for your touch-ups.This will prevent an "overload" of powder applied during the course of the day.A good large brush will dust powder on lightly.

On the other hand, many brides want a minimal makeup approach and prefer toavoid using foundation altogether. Well, there are solutions for that too. Try using a tinted moisturizer or mix a little liquid foundation with your favorite moisturizer. Again, use a loose powder to finish off your look. POWDER IS KEY TO PREVENT OR ELIMINATE THE SHINE!

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