An important lesson of strategy.

An important lesson of strategy comes from the American giant McDonald's, which recently launched a project for the penetration of the Indian market through the creation of a range of vegetarian products. This is a very important example that introduces one of the major problems for the internationalization of Italian small and medium companies. One of the main limitations for companies that have merely worked in national territory is the firm belief that a strategy, which previously worked in Italy, will also be successful abroad.

McDonald's, the American world leader in fast food hated by anti-globalization people, but adored by many youngsters who like to eat their completely standardized burgers around the world, is a classical example of global marketing.

Bus is it really true?

Absolutely not. Even McDonald's needed to adapt to foreign customs to penetrate many markets.

Even the famous Big Mac has also become vegetarian!

Indeed, next year the company will open in India it's first vegetarian restaurants, trying to gain market share in a country where cows are considered holy. The first restaurant will be in the sacred city of Amritsar near the Golden Temple, the spiritual center of the Sikhs. The second one will be open in the holy city of Katra, near the cave of Vaishno Devi, which receives millions of pilgrims every year. But McDonald's plans are on a long time scale, aiming to build more vegetarian restaurants all over the country in the next three years.

This is an extremely important lesson that shows how neither the brand nor the price will have an impact if the marketing mix and strategies are not adapted to the culture, local habits, beliefs and traditions of the penetrated market. This does not only apply to burgers, but to any other product. It is vital to research and understand culture and customs of a market before deciding to internationalise. Adaptation is the key to success.

Some examples are illustrated below about several McDonald's products adapted to different markets. India is a striking case that has made the news as the products have completely gone vegetarian, but many other examples related to products specifically created to enter a world with different beliefs than the Western culture can be found.

Posted in Other Home Post Date 10/01/2021