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Coffee has always been the indisputably well-loved beverage of all times. There is at least a thousand of reasons why everybody loves the trustworthy companionship that coffee does. When we read the daily newspaper, we associate it with a cup of coffee. When we invite friends to our house, we gladly offer coffee. When we opt to relax, ease tension and relieve stress, we pick a comfortable couch and sit with coffee. When we talk about something serious like a business plan/proposal, making a rush project with your college friends or just mere hanging out with a colleague, we rush at a nearest coffee shop.

Coffee lovers agree that no amount of joy could ever replace the experience of sipping a steaming cup of coffee after a long days work. The aroma, the tasteis simply breathtaking! No wonder that the coffee industry is becoming bigger and better. Coffee shops are prevalent all over the world to gratify you with different kinds of coffee that suits your taste.

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Surprisingly, drinking coffee has been linked to various health benefits. It is not just a drink that awakens your senses during the night and keeps you mentally focused. It is more than a stimulant. It contains anti-oxidants, an important compound needed by your body to protect against diseases. Anti-oxidants serve a defense from harmful free radicals obtained from breathing oxygen and eating sugar. Coffee, with the aid of anti-oxidants helps regulate blood sugar in Type II Diabetes Mellitus by enhancing insulin delivery to the tissues. In Parkinsons disease, supplies of the brain chemical messenger called dopamine in men are increased brought about by caffeine that may reduce the risk. Caffeine may also stimulate contraction of the gallbladder, which helps drain it of stone-forming cholesterol and bile pigments. Coffee is non-carcinogenic. It may even help prevent cancer of the colon. A cup of coffee a day definitely protects the heart. Some studies also show that coffee helps control Asthma attacks when medication is inaccessible. It can also manage headaches, lift your mood and can even prevent cavities.

A health boost may be possible by drinking one to two cups of coffee a day due to the presence of anti-oxidants. However, coffee, when not taken in moderation, may harm you. As we all know, coffee contains one of the highest doses of caffeine so careful intake monitoring is important. If taken in large amounts, it may cause heartburn, nervousness, rapid heartbeat, trembling and anxiety. To some, it may raise cholesterol levels, which may lead to the clogging of the arteries.

Although many people are addicted to coffee, still, everybody can't drink it. We all have different tolerance to coffee so it is recommended that you only take what your body can tolerate. If you have problems with falling asleep at night, you can still enjoy coffee but avoid taking it after 3pm. For some health reasons, you need to avoid caffeine and can't live without your coffee, there is still a way to enjoy your favorite drink. You can now buy decaffeinated coffee instead because during the steam process, Methylene Chloride is removed. It is available at health stores.

Always remember that if you look like a pity walking alone at the mall while waiting for your social friends, modern life generally accepts sitting by yourself with just a cup of coffee. So, why worry? Grab a coffee now!

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