Construction Insurance

What is Construction Insurance?

All construction businesses are required to carry a variety of different forms of insurance. To streamline the process, continue reading to learn about the most relevant insurance products for the construction company.

Insurance Policies Unique To Your Projects

Construction contractors manage the construction of new buildings or renovations to existing structures, whether it’s a large municipal project, high-rise, or road and underground construction. Various coverages may be needed. Most have a set group of permanent employees, and then subcontract the remaining tasks to specialty subcontractors, construction companies must have insurance protection in place. Construction risks are many and varied and can result in significant losses if proper protection is not in place. By having the right insurance protection, construction firms can rest easier knowing that they are covered in the event of an accident, liability dispute or business interruption.

Construction Insurance is a type of Commercial Insurance that covers the contractor’s employees and equipment during construction. Construction insurance also protects against accidents that occur on a worksite. Construction policies often combine protection for the workers and the materials they use, as well as a general policy for injuries to third parties who may be visiting or working near the job site

Build On The Right Coverage

Each construction firm will need a variety of different insurance coverage. Depending on the sort of work your business does, you may also be legally obligated to obtain certain types of insurance. Regardless of the sort of construction in which your firm specialised, you should consider purchasing insurance plans that protect your organization, its employees, and its customers. 

What Is Covered By Builder’s Risk Insurance?

Construction Insurance or Builders Risks Insurance will help cover your business against any losses that may occur at the jobsite. These policies typically provide protection for equipment and materials, as well as legal liability and workers compensation insurance (in case an accident happens on the job and a worker is injured).

Builders Risk Policy

This typically covers an employer’s legal responsibility when one of their employees causes injury while at work. For construction workers, this would typically cover an injury that occurs on the construction site. General Liability policy protects you and your business against common claims that may arise at a job site, such as third-party property damage or bodily injuries. Regardless of the outcome, general liability insurance may cover other expenses resulting from an incident on your project site.

General Liability

Professional liability insurance is also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance. It covers professionals such as construction workers in the event that they are sued for negligence or mistakes while working on a project. This can be very important for construction workers who may be held liable for damages caused by their work.

Equipment Insurance

This insurance protects your company’s equipment while it is on the job site. This is important for construction businesses since they often use expensive and/or heavy equipment while working. If something were to happen to the equipment, this insurance would help to cover the costs of repairing or replacing it.

Commercial Auto

For construction businesses, commercial auto insurance protection is essential if you carry vehicles under your business. This type of insurance protection covers your company’s business autos and provides protection against liabilities that arise from vehicular accidents.

What Is The Cost of Construction Insurance?

The size of your business, the number of workers, and the location of your operations will all affect the cost of your insurance. As the requirement for your job are unique so is the coverage. Request a quotation to determine the cost of insurance for your business.

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