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What Is Business Owners Policy (BOP) Insurance?

As a company owner, you have a great deal of responsibility. Therefore, why take the risk? Protect your company with a Firm Owners Policy, or BOP, a straightforward and practical method to guarantee the physical and financial assets of your business are insured.

A Business Owners Policy is a simple bundle that protects against all main property and liability hazards. These packages are primarily targeted at small and medium-sized organisations and provide a wide variety of coverage options.

A Company Owners Policy combines multiple rules into one easy package for small and mid-sized business owners. It simplifies coverage requirements by combining two policies that the majority of companies need – property and liability – while saving money compared to buying each insurance individually. Insurance against Business Interruption is also typically included in a BOP.


By adding extra optional coverages, businesses may adapt a BOP to their industry’s or situation’s specific requirements. Data breach coverage is one of the most popular extra coverages to have in a BOP. If your firm holds or manages private client information, you may get additional coverage to safeguard against a data breach.

What Is Covered By Business Owner's Policy?

Enterprises and Employees

Your company and all workers will be protected in the event of third-party claims alleging physical injury or property damage caused by the business. Additionally, your company property will be protected, allowing you to replace it in the case of a covered occurrence.

Contracting Parties

If you enter into a contract for work and a party requests to be added as an extra insured on your policy, you may do so here. This ensures that if a claim arises from your work, they will first look to your policy.


If you sell items or rent equipment, the provider is likely to request that you indemnify them in the event that a claim is made against the product or the equipment is destroyed.

What Are The Limitations of Business Owner's Policy's?

A BOP’s limitations will vary based on the General Liability and Property Insurance policies included in your package. Business Interruption Insurance normally covers firms for up to 12 months of revenue if they are forced to cease operations due to a covered occurrence. Additionally, you should always carefully study the language of your insurance. Standard plans only cover losses caused by certain incidents, such as a fire, smoke damage, or vandalism. Additionally, some goods may be listed as “property not covered” under Property Insurance in your insurance. If you want more protection, you may buy a “special” insurance that includes open-peril coverage.


Typically, a business owner’s policy consists of three forms of insurance: property insurance, business interruption insurance, and liability protection. Additional, optional coverages, including data breach coverage, may be added to adapt the insurance to your business’s unique requirements.


Property Insurance covers all forms of physical property, from your own or leased structure to office equipment and product inventories.


Business Interruption Insurance compensates you for revenue lost due to a calamity (such as a fire) that affects your business’s activities. This form of insurance will come in useful if you are forced to operate from a temporary site after a disaster, or if you are required to continue meeting financial commitments (such as rent or wages) after being forced to cease operations for a covered cause.


Liability Insurance protects your company against lawsuits resulting from actions taken (or not taken) by you or your staff that result in physical harm or property damage to others while doing business. This might include defective items, service errors, and improper installations. Coverage should also include the expense of defence, since a corporation might be sued even though it has committed no wrongdoing, and defence can be costly.


Data breach coverage is typically added to a Business Owners Policy and will assist you in promptly resolving data breach scenarios. This additional funding would cover expenses such as notifying affected people, employing a public relations/crisis communications specialist, and credit monitoring services.


Coverage for data breaches is extensive, and may even include you if your sensitive data is held worldwide. Along with the coverage stated before, this addition to your BOP may cover defence and settlement costs associated with subsequent litigation, replacement of lost revenue due to a covered data breach, and extortion charges or ransom payments made by attackers. A sound policy can also safeguard your firm against data breaches that happened previous to the effective date of the policy.


Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions Insurance is another optional coverage that many company owners choose to add to their BOP. This form of insurance is critical if you give services to consumers for a charge, since they may hold you accountable for damages caused by a mistake (or omission) on your side. Even if you have done nothing illegal, your firm may still be sued for careless conduct by a consumer. In this instance, Professional Liability Insurance will pay defence expenses.


Several more, less usual, optional coverages that may be included in a Business Owners Policy include the following:


  • Computer hardware
  • Coverage for certain offences
  • Mechanical failure
  • Falsification and loyalty bond
  • Discoloration of goods
  • Receivables
  • Automobile rented/non-owned
  • Liability in cyberspace
  • Marine inland
  • Personnel practises
  • Endorsement of medical and dental offices
  • Endorsement of dining establishments
  • Endorsement by attorneys
  • Appointment of accountants
  • Increased coverage of fine arts
  • Protection against earthquakes
  • If the policy covers the following, you’ll know it’s the right one.
  • Insurance for real estate
  • Insurance against business disruption
  • Liability insurance that is broad in scope and covers settlements and defence expenses
  • Coverage for data breaches, if applicable
  • Insurance against Professional Liability/Errors and Omissions, if applicable
  • Additional coverages tailored to your company.

What Is NOT Covered By Business Owner's Policy?


If you have workers, you must purchase additional policies like Workers Compensation, Health, and Disability, which are not covered by a BOP.

Work Vehicles

If you use a vehicle for business purposes, you must get a separate Commercial Auto insurance coverage.

Service Professionals

If you provide professional services to customers, you must get a separate Professional Liability insurance coverage (frequently available as an optional addition to a BOP).

Liability for Liquor

This requirement applies to businesses that make, sell, distribute, or serve alcoholic drinks.


Injury to an employee’s body as a consequence of work (this would be covered under Workers Compensation Insurance)

Medical costs

To any individual who is otherwise entitled for compensation via a Workers Compensation Insurance policy, a disability benefits statute, or a similar arrangement.

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