Business Interruption Insurance

What Is Business Interruption Insurance?

Protection Against Business Interruption

This policy protects a business against the loss of revenue that may occur as a result of catastrophe. Many company owners believe their existing Property Insurance will cover this, but it’s not true; Business Interruption Insurance can be constructed to fit your specific business.

Business Property Insurance protects the physical assets of a company, but it does not cover any income loss. As such, these policies have resulted in firms losing so much revenue that they are forced to close due an event like disaster which wipes out their business property and leaves them unable- or barely able -to function as usual with no chance at recovery without help from outside sources (i.e., government funding).

What Is Covered By Business Interruption Insurance?

Recall of a Product

If you manufacture products for sale or resale to consumers, then this coverage will help protect against liability claims. It also covers the possible loss in profit that these items might incur as well- such a recall situation where there is dangerous material being used on them without proper oversight from our company’s employees.

Additional Property Damage

If you have property that is directly tied to your company’s revenue stream, then it can be covered with extra insurance. This would include things like covering profit losses caused by physical damage done in order to make such critical assets unusable.

Cybersecurity Breaches

This policy covers the additional property that is directly tied to your company’s revenue stream and made unusable. For example, if something were to happen like physical damage or destruction of critical assets critical for a business’ success in operation then this coverage would apply.

What does it not cover?

Contact your insurance broker to see if you qualify for an insurance policy that may cover unexpected and review the policy thoroughly. Typically, thing like damage from violence, environmental damages of unreported revenues are not covered. 

What Is The Cost Business Interruption Insurance?

It’s important to consider the cost of Business Interruption Insurance when starting or growing your business. The coverage varies by size and revenue, but can be tailored specifically for you with just some information on what assets are most valuable in terms of making money through their use at work!
The price tag is one consideration – though not necessarily the only factor-to take into account before purchasing any type if this service; there also exists many different types depending upon how much risk each company poses as well as certain other characteristics about themselves such a–their industry sector

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